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Nikoleta Konstantaki - A Letter to you from me

I believe in the world. I believe in art. I believe in the world that art can connect us back to basics of what it is to be human. I've always been inspired to strip it down, to define it, to gather it, and spread it like wildfire. To me things don't have to be perfect anymore, as long as I share the feeling I'm going through I know I've at least succeeded in some way, to connect others, just by feeling. 

So thank you to anyone that has ever felt anything through my art. Thank you to anyone that has supported me and still does. Thank you to the people that encourage and inspire me. I hope the cycle of inspiration and connection keeps looping, between onlookers, admirers, supporters... 

This art is just as much about you, as it is about me... 

Lot's of love... <3 Nikoleta 


MURAL 2019
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